Is TubeBuddy Safe and Youtube Certified?

Are you planning to start your YouTube channel, or do you rank high in YouTube search results?

One of the most common questions that you might have is TubeBuddy safe or secure.

Here in this post, I have researched this topic, and below are the findings.

Let’s learn more about TubeBuddy

Is TubeBuddy Safe?

The short answer to this question is “Yes.”Tubebuddy is safe with top-class encryption and unparalleled security features like OAuth 2.0, Tubebuddy keeps your data safe and sound. Many high-profile YouTubers and brands are already using TubeBuddy to improve the experience and productivity.

The software has been available in the market for more than eight years and was previously owned by Google.

What is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a free browser extension that helps you save time and get more views on your YouTube channel. It helps you rank higher with its recommendations for the titles, descriptions, and tags so that you can rank higher in the YouTube search results.

Once you install TubeBuddy, go to YouTube and you will see the features inside the site with the logo of TubeBuddy.

This extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers.

Why TubeBuddy is Safe?

When you link your channel to TubeBuddy, it is done through Google’s secure OAuth 2.0 mechanism. It is secure authentication through Google and is the industry standard. TubeBuddy complies with all of the regulations that Youtube has placed.

The communications on the TubeBuddy are secured by Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure(HTTPS), and it ensures that data is encrypted to increase the security of data transfer. It also makes sure that all private information remains private. You can see their Privacy Policy for more information. The servers of the TubeBuddy are hosted on the Microsoft cloud platform.

TubeBuddy also does not share or sell any personal information in any way with 3rd parties, and they make money selling a product, not selling customers’ information.

While registering your channel over the TubeBuddy, it asks for bare minimum permissions so that it can take decisions on your behalf.

More than 8 million YouTubers use TubeBuddy and the company has more than 500,000 daily active users.

YouTube has implemented many changes involving FTC and COPPA(Children Online Privacy Protection Act).
Whenever you make a video, you need to tell Google if it is made for kids or not.

Since these videos may have legal implications, the new feature of TubeBuddy Coppa Center allows you to scan if videos are made for kids or not.

When you finish your scan, you will see two tabs comprising videos made for kids and videos not made for kids.

Why TubeBuddy?

The company is led by Phil Starkovich, who provides the vision and direction to the entire Tubebuddy, along with Jim Starkovich, a brother of Phil, and Chuck Starkovich.

The key strength of the company is the product. It is a very simple and easy-to-use product that can simplify the work on Youtube by using templates, a thumbnail generator, and a bulk processing tool.

Is TubeBuddy Free?

You may be wondering how much TubeBuddy Costs? Let me tell you it’s free to use. But you want to have the advanced features anytime you can upgrade its functionality.

Is TubeBuddy GDPR Compliant?

Yes, TubeBuddy is GDPR compliant, and anytime you are entitled to exercise your rights offered by the bill. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the privacy and security drafted and passed by the European Union (EU).

Is TubeBuddy YouTube Certified?

TubeBuddy has been a YouTube-certified company since 2015 and is listed in YouTube’s official service provider directory. YouTube does not give this certification to just anyone. They are officially certified by Youtube on their website. TubeBuddy is also an official Facebook video partner, and the company works closely with the Facebook dev team building our video syndication tools.

is tubebuddy youtube certified

Why TubeBuddy Need so Many Permissions?

While signing up, TubeBuddy asks for a few permissions such as see, edit, and permanently delete your videos, ratings, comments, and captions.

In 2018 Google updated these words in their information system, and Google did this to make people think about granting their rights. By now, you can be quite sure about how secure Google is till now.

Now you must be wondering why should you give TubeBuddy control your videos.

It is because when you link your channel to TubeBuddy, it takes you through Google’s “OAuth” process which requires you to grant access to Tubebuddy.

App asking for Permission

Ex: Whenever you download any new app on your mobile phone first thing it does ask is for multiple permissions. It is because these apps can have greater control and perform actions on behalf of you.

TubeBuddy is an amazing product and it can perform many things and perform those tasks it needs access. At any point, you can revoke access to TubeBuddy of your channel.

The next question you might be thinking about is if Tubebuddy can delete your videos.

Can Tubebuddy Delete Your Videos?

The answer is big No. TubeBuddy will never delete your youtube video, edit or delete your comments. The only time Tubebuddy will take action on your channel is when you request them to take action on that.

What is The Support System of TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy offers its support via chat, knowledge base for any quick question related to a product or its services. If you are still not able to get the answers to your questions you can submit a ticket and their support team will help you ASAP.

Any Popular YouTubers Using TubeBuddy?

Top YouTubers such as Derrel Eves, Nick Nimmin, Roberto Blake, Mr. Beast, and Philip DeFranco use and recommend TubeBuddy. TubeBuddyis also trusted by high profile brands such as Pepsi, All-State, Family Feud, Boston Children’s Hospital, Fanduel, and CBS sports.

Here is what they say about the TubeBuddy

Sara Beth Yoga

YouTube search has been my #1 Traffic Source over the last 3 years and I credit TubeBuddy for the success of my SEO strategy.- Sara Beth Yoga (1.45M Subscribers)

Nick Nimin

TubeBuddy makes getting results on YouTube so much easier! If you’re a YouTuber not using TubeBuddy,you’re missing out!Nick Nimmin (819K subscribers)

You can integrate the tool with your YouTube channel and share your data with the company — they will keep it safe and secure.

Final Verdict is TubeBuddy Safe to use?

If you are still wondering is TubeBuddy safe to use on the YouTube channel? Let me tell you with Tubebuddy you can be absolutely sure that your data is secure and protected from any potential security breach.

It has easy to use interface and user-centered approach, you’ll never have to worry about using it.

TubeBuddy is safe and also free to use with many core features.

You get limited access to premium features such as Productivity tools, Video SEO tools, and Promotion tools. The paid version starts from $9 per month and you can get a free 30-day trial of its paid features as well.

If you still have any questions, do let me know in the comments to help you out. I hope this information will help you assure that you can make decisions without hesitation.

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